Music & Videos

We do a lot of porch concerts and house concerts. Like our music? Host us!  We play a mix of covers and original material You’ll find snippets of these songs as well as cover tunes from live performances below. 

We get a little bluesy with this cover of Beck's Bottle of Blues at our March 2024 house concert.

We've got a different take on Iron & Wine's Freedom Hangs. Nice drums, Doug Hartley!

Philophilia, an original by Kristen Maher, shows how much we love strangers. 

Jessica Barlow arranged this piece by Jay Ungar, and it's a lovely viola/melodica duet. 

A Birds on a Train cover of Tin Hat Trio's Bill. Jessica Barlow arranged this lovely song as a duet between the viola and melodica. It's one of our favorites..

We love Sentimental Journey! With a little bass, some brushy drums and three voices, we're in heaven. This was recorded at a house concert in January 2023.

Bird on a Train plays Alien, an original song that explores what happens when someone you love changes. Performed at a house concert in January 2023. 

We cover Andrew Bird's First Song, a delightful tune that harkens the Midwest, where two of our band members are from. 

As the sun set behind us at a private house concert in September 2021, we played one of our favorite cover songs. Train Song was written by Vashti and originally recorded in the 1960s. Then Feist + Ben Gibbard covered it, and it’s their version we’ve emulated, albeit as an all-girl band.

Jessica Barlow shreds on the violin as we play Rollin’ Out the Snakeskin by treVeld at our May 2021 porch concert in Normal Heights. The amazing Jules Stewart joined us on drums.

The band sings a Secret Sisters cover, The One I Love, at a porch concert in San Diego on May 16, 2021.

Birds on a Train played this original song, Nothin’, at our last house concert. Nothin’ was written during the height of the pandemic. We’re hard-working people, and we often sing this song at rehearsals to relieve stress and angst from the day. 


One of our originals, written by Kristen Maher, and recorded live at our September 2021 porch concert.

Up in Smoke

An original, written by Kristen Maher and Amy Moulton, recorded live at our September 2021 porch concert. 

The Ring

An original by Bonnie Nicholls about the journey of a wedding ring and the value we place on objects.  Recorded in a home studio.

I'm Up

An original by Bonnie Nicholls about the strength of the human spirit while facing the end of life. Recorded in a home studio.

Freedom Hangs

A cover of Iron & Wine's haunting  song. Recorded live at our August 2022 porch concert.

See See Rider

 Our interpretation of Regina Carter's take on a classic blues piece.  Recorded live at our August 2022, porch concert.